Lost & Found

I was pretty excited when I found these! So here is the story: my father-in-law had owned a print shop for several years but when he passed away all his old letterpress machines and supplies had to be sold. To my surprise, there were some wooden letterpress blocks that were stashed away in my mother-in-law’s garage. I spent a good part of the evening organizing them and found that I have a full sans-serif alphabet and lots of numbers. I can’t wait to put them to use!

Wood BlocksWoodblock Letters

Wood blocksWoodblock Numbers


Last week I took a Letterpress class from Lauren who has a really great shop on Etsy selling her letterpress creations. She showed me how her press works, how to ink it up, how to line up type, etc. I also learned some fun letterpress terminology. I’ve always wanted to learn more about letterpress and would recommend her class. Check out her blog for more info signing up!

Lauren's Press

Her press, inked and ready to go.

My Letterpress NotecardsMy Notecards!